Top 10 Snowboard Girls on Instagram You Need to Follow

Now that winter is winding down, get some year round inspiration by following the top ten women’s snowboard accounts.

1. Hannah Teter @Hannahteter

Gold and silver medal Olympian, bikini half-pipe shots, and an all-around extreme sports athlete.

A post shared by Hannah Teter (@hannahteter) on

2. Jamie Anderson @jamieanderson

Olympian snowboarder, yogi, and a glimpse inside the pro snowboarder lifestyle.

3. Kimmy Fasani @KimmyFasani

Her collection of sweet landscape shots and behind-the-scenes pro-snowboarder life is why she’s perfect to follow.

A post shared by Kimmy Fasani (@kimmyfasani) on

4. Hailey Langland @haileylangland

Puts a new meaning into go hard or go home when it comes to snowboarding. Expect serious air shots.

A post shared by Yung Hails (@haileylangland) on

5. Anna Gasser @annagassersnow

Austrian Olympic snowboarder. Great portraits and snow shots.

A post shared by Anna Gasser (@annagassersnow) on

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