Watch: Surfer Breaks His Back – GoPro Catches Everything!

James Taylor went out for a paddle and assumed it’d be a great session of barrels in Cape Town. then, he hit the bottom and fractured his L3 vertabre. Watch as other surfers rallied together to help and save him.

Watch: Near Death Experiences Captured on GoPro

These people should have died — it’s a miracle that they didn’t. Watch these near death experiences captured on GoPro. It’s absolutely crazy!

Watch: Why Denis Leontyev is one of the Best Jib Snowboarders Around

Denis Leontyev goes hard, and seems to have a knack for jibbing on just about anything. Watch this highlight reel of his 2015 season at Bear Mtn., in Southern California.

Watch: Eli Bouchard the 9-Year-Old Snowboarder

This 9-year-old snowboarder is taking the snow scene by storm. Barely tall enough to pull himself on the lift, Eli can already do double flips and jibs better than many snowboarders on the pro circuit.

Watch: The 10 Best BASE Jump Exits Ever Done

A compilation of 10 jumps in some of the world’s most stunning locations and featuring some of the world’s most insane BASE jumpers.

Watch: Andrew Morrissey Kayak Across a Dangerous South American River

Andrew Morrissey is a guy who sees a river and just has to cross it — no matter how rough it may seem. Check out this edit of him kayaking through crazy South American rapids.

Watch: Duck Dive Fail

One surfer makes it while the other has a duck dive fail every surfer has had before.

Watch: Climbing a Skyscraper In a Hurricane

This is insane! Watch this crazy parkour climber teeter at the top of a skyscraper during a hurricane. Some skeptics say it couldn’t have been done, but if you look at the clothing, it’s clear that the wind has kicked up a few knots.

Watch: Why Clair Marie Risks Her Life for BASE Jumping

Clair Marie tells us why BASE jumping is one of the most empowering things you can do as a person and as an athlete. Watch her jump to the background of sandstone walls.

Watch: The Best Cliff Jumping Fails Ever

Not everyone is the best at calculating the distance between fun and near-fatal… like this poor folks who’ve landed not on their target but on this video of the best cliff jumping fails.

Watch: Is This Too Crazy? Skateboarding in a Psych Ward

Six skateboarders put a new meaning to going crazy in this abandoned psychiatric ward. The eerie atmosphere and perfect surfaces give a funky vibe to this sick edit.

Watch: We’ve Discovered Mick Fanning’s Secret Wave

A few days ago, Mick Fanning and Rip Curl released a video of a secret barrel. Now, we’ve uncovered this stunning video by Kepa Acero that shows us exactly where that might be.

Watch: Surfing the World’s Best Tidal Bore

Bruno Santos, Dean Brady, Tyler Larronde, Oney Anwar and Tom Curren show a behind-the-scenes look at surfing the tidal bore, Bono. It’s endless barrels that look so surreal.

Watch: This Guy Couldn’t Find a Date for Valentine’s Day… Here’s What He Did Instead

Romance unfortunately wasn’t in the air on Valentine’s Day. Instead of being a mopey singleton, he decided to head to the slopes at Stevens Pass… and it looks like the ride was worth it!

Watch: This is How Skateboarding is Changing Lives in Rural South Africa

Who says skateboarding can’t change the world? Watch how this simple sport is changing the lives of those in rural South Africa every day.

Watch: Ladies of the Sea and Surfing with Josie Prendergast

Smooth, stylish, and effortless. Josie Prendergast might be more adequately described as a sea dancer than a surfer. Prepare to be mesmerized by the new film, Ladies of the Sea, brought to you by Billabong.

Watch: THIS is What it Feels Like to Wipeout on a Monster Wave

Paige Alms shows us what it’s like to get caught inside and wipeout on a beyond monster wave.

Watch: Yeti Attack Prank on Snowboarders

Would you believe that this Yeti was real? After all, many think that Bigfoot really does exist! Watch people of all ages get the living daylights scared out of them as this Yeti chases them around the mountain.

Inspiring! Watch How a Paraplegic Wingsuit Pilot Flies Again

Four years ago, Suzanne was paralyzed in a BASE jumping accident from the waist down. Many thought she would never jump again. Fast forward to now and watch Suzanne complete a successful wingsuit skydive.

Watch: Rob Machado at the Wedge, Newport Beach

Rob Machado knows the waves of Southern California like the back of his hand. Watch as he dominates this fun session at the Wedge, against the will of the lifeguard.

Watch: How Did he Wipe Out This Hard on a Kicker So Tiny?

Some snowboarders see a jump of any size and decide to just go for it. That must have been what happened with this snowboarder, who went full throttle off of a tiny kicker and then paid for it after!

Watch: The Weirdest Waves of 2016 by Stab Magazine

Stab Magazine has just released a compilation that will make every ocean lover’s heart sing. These were the weirdest and most beautiful waves for all of 2016.

Watch: Mick Fanning and Rip Curl Refuse to Tell Us Where This Wave Is

Nope, this isn’t a wave machine – though we wouldn’t blame you if you guessed that it was. The catch is that this wave is so fast, you’d have to be Mick Fanning to make it out. Rip Curl claims only four people on the planet have ever surfed there.

Watch: Wingsuit Flying Over the Heart of Croatia

Happy Valentine’s Day YouTube! We love you. We’re in love with you. And to prove it, we sent our gal Amy Chmelecki and her buds Marco Fürst and Marco Waltenspiel to the Croatian Coast to bring us all together on Galešnjak, the heart-shaped island of love.

Watch: John John Florence’s New Movie – DONE

John John Florence has been dominating the surf circuit for the past few years and it’s easy to see why – especially when his moves are featured in DONE, a new movie directed by Blake Vincent Kueny.

Watch: Can’t Surf? Just Do this Instead

Flat days or living an urban area can be quite a drag when you’re born to surf. So, what do do instead? Why not sport a silver suit and hit the streets! Close enough, right?

Watch: Near Death Experiences Captured by GoPro

Some people are lucky even when they’re unlucky. These events should have killed these extreme sports athletes (just look at 1:53!!!) but fortunately, they survived.

Watch: Why Everyone is Talking About Skater Chick Mar Barrera

Mar Barrera has a sweet skate style that nobody else is really doing right now. It’s low key, effortless, and fun. It’s no wonder why she’s been picking up speed among the inner circles of the skate world. After watching her flow for a few minutes, is it hard to see why?

Watch: Oscyp Snowboard Contest Poland 2017

Recap Video OSCYP Contest! Perfect weather and tricks, check it out.
Camera: Daniel Kozicki, Sebastian Stenka / Edit : AAF ( Adrian Smardz )

Watch: Danny MacAskill – Drop and Roll Tour

During the Drop and Roll Tour, Danny MacAskill and his team visited some of the highlights along the Alpe Adria Trail, a path designed exclusively for hikers and not accessible by bikes. The team had to be incredibly creative and ride whatever they could find along the 750 km hiking trail, which leads from the Alps to the Adriatic Sea.

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