Watch: That’s Gotta Hurt… Guess This Snowboarder Didn’t See the Tree!

Guess this guy didn’t get the memo that there was a tree in front of him. We love how he tries to show off and then it backfires.

Watch: Why this Naked Climber is Scaling Rocks in the Buff

Austin Howell, climber, has signaled to the rest of the industry an important message and has thought of no better way to do so than by climbing in his birthday suit.

Watch: This is What Happens When Girls Try Extreme Pogo

There’s an extreme version of everything now — just look at the latest roofing Instagram stars. And now, there’s extreme pogo sticking. Watch as these girls give this funky sport a go.

Watch: This Guy Barely Makes it After this Insane Cliff Jump

Apparently this is just another day in the life for fearless cliff divers. Watch as this diver jumps and nearly misses the jagged rocks below.

Watch: Sharing is Caring – Acro Paraglider Hitches a Ride from a Friend’s Chute

Watch this incredible acro-paragliding stunt that took place in Portugal at the Azores Festival.

Watch: This is What it’s Like to BASE Jump at Night

BASE jumpers in Moscow have turned what’s generally saved for the daylight hours into one of the night. Watch as they BASE jump and dodge overhangs in darkness for a surreal POV experience.

Watch: This Guy Took a Ride in an Aerobatic Plane and Barfs

Hey, some people just can’t hang.

This guy took a $300,000+ ride in an aerobatic plane at the Red Bull Air Race and barfs mid air. We bet you can’t watch the whole thing without getting dizzy.

Watch: This is What Happens When Paragliders Have a Traffic Jam

Insane footage of tens of paragliders getting into a traffic jam — watch how they manage to all land safely.

Watch: Women Learn to Race Motocross in Just a Day

You weren’t a real kid unless you watched and loved the 2001 Disney movie Motocrossed. This is basically the real life version, with two girls learning how to race motocross in just one day.

Watch: Why You Need to Pack Your Snow Gear and Head to Stubai ASAP

Watch Billy Morgan, Mans Hedbery, Markus Olimstad, Nik Baden, Brock Crouch, Mons Roisland, Werni Stock and more take advantage of the insane kickers and perfect conditions at Stubai, Austria

Watch: This Dog Skateboards Better Than You

Ziggy Trixx shreds no matter what species you compare him too. And he’s only getting better and better each day. Feeling blue? There’s nothing like a skateboarding dog

Watch: One of the World’s Toughest Races in Russia

Do you think you could do this? Watch and learn about this insane three-day endurance race taking place on the frozen lands of Russia.

Watch: Extreme Wheelchair Athlete Aaron Fotheringam Shreds

Aaron Fotheringham doesn’t let his disability keep him from shredding in whatever way he can. Watch this inspiring clip of Aaron Fotheringham share just how he became so successful.

Which of These Must-See Extreme Sports Flicks Have You Seen?

You’re not really an extreme sports fan unless you’ve seen all five of these extreme sports films. Which one is your favorite?

Watch: Would You Ride This Insane New Hoverbike?

It’s possible that we’ll see a new rise in inventions like this hoverbike, the Scorpion 3, a contraption that seems a little too dangerous to be comfortable.

Watch: Extreme Sports Fail Compilation – #4 is the Worst!

There’s bad… and then there’s terrible. This category of extreme sports athletes has some how managed to land themselves under the how-can-you-ever-even-recover category.

Watch: A Girl Riding a Wingsuit Jumper High Above The Clouds

We’d say this puts a new meaning to the Mile High Club? Watch as these two extreme sports athletes have a bit of cheeky fun as the girl sits on top of the wingsuit pilot as if he’s a horse.

Watch: This is What Happens When You Put a Jetpack on a Skier

Why not combine two extreme sports (jetpacking is a sport, right) by strapping a pack of fuel to the back of a skier. Filip Flisar reaches insane speeds of over 75 miles per hour!

Watch: Shaun White Surprises Kids with a Snowboard Lesson

Shaun White has surprised kids with an impromptu snowboarding lesson in South Korea — this surely will make them prodigies, right?

This Board is For Snowboard, Surf and Skate at the Same Time

Meet the all-terrain 2Wheelboard, which can be ridden on grass, dirt and concrete. It features one wheel set toward the front of the board and the other in the middle; foot bindings offset the unique wheel positioning.

Watch: Horsepowered Snowboarders in Russia

Over in Russia, snowboarders are using horses to propel them across snow dusted fields.

Watch: This is What it’s Like to Soar Over Lautaret Pass

This mesmerizing video of Thomas Bourdeau and Alexandre Bodlet will have you feeling high above the clouds as they soar over Lautaret Pass in France.

Watch: Snowboard + Kite = Epic Ride with Laurent Guyot

We’ve seen skis and kites, kiteboards and kites, hell, even snowmobiles with kites… but for some reason, epic videos of kites and snowboarders just aren’t gaining as much speed. Watch Laurent Guyot combine two badass sports in this edit for NITRO.

Watch: This is the Secret to the Perfect Longboard Spot

Where do you go when you want to find the perfect path of untouched asphalt to longboard down? The answer — as it’s shown in this stunning video — is Genoa. Watch talented longboarders surf the streets in a new way.

Watch: Skysurfing with a Rocket Launch in the Background

Skysurfing is a sport that only a few drop zones let their skydivers play around with. Watch this incredible video of a skysurfer and a rocket launch in the background – insane!

Watch: This is How to Fly a Wingsuit

How exactly do you fly a wingsuit? The one piece of gear that lets humans fly through the air — reaching one of the greatest goals of mankind? Find out exactly what it’s like.

Watch: Freediving the Wreck in Israel

Scuba divers and freedivers are drawn to Eilat, Israel for the eerie shipwreck that teeters along the sea floor. Watch this sweet video of Freediver HD exploring the wreck on just one breath.

Watch: The Top Three Cliff Dives of Redbull Cliff Diving World Series

Imagine the precision it must take for cliff divers to nail the perfect landing over crystal clear water. These three jumps were the best that took place at the Redbull 2016 Cliff Diving World Series.

Watch: Brother Skis Off a Cliff to Save Brother in an Avalanche

Caught on GoPro, one loving brother risked his own life by skiing off a cliff to save his sibling. Watch the crazy lines they took and how it all went down.

Watch: Jet Skis vs. Monster Waves

Jet skis are a lifesaver when surfing in monster waves — that is, until you get caught inside the set of the day. Watch this crazy compilation of jet skis trying to outrun barreling waves coming through.

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